The Ultimate Guide to Best Corporate Gifts

It’s that time of the year, where companies are struggling to find the valuable and cherishable gift for their employees, clients, distributors, channel partners, business partners). Here are some tips that might help you in choosing the right gift for your valuable professional partners.

As correctly said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Everyone loves to get gifts and surprises irrespective of the occasion. The pleasure of giving a gift is more than receiving it. Isn’t it? The tradition of gift-giving is deeply engraved in the culture of India. Be it a festival or just making a bond stronger, gifting can surely set the fire. Having said that, it is important to find the perfect gift too. Finding the right gift that will delight the receiver is the key important thing the giver has to make good notice of.

The myth about gifting is that only expensive gifts give joy. However, any gift given with good intentions is joyful to the receiver. To help you find the right gift, we have listed down 10 golden rules that will help you choose the best corporate gifts.

Have a good understanding of receiver personality:

The first thing before picking a gift is to have a deep understanding of the receiver. What is the gender, which product will add value to him/her, the lifestyle of the concerned person etc? Also, you should consider the occasion on which you are giving the gift. The greater attention you will give to these factors, the better the chances to find the apt gift.


Think about what value can your gift give to the receiver. Will he/she be able to use the gift or it will get passed on. For example: giving a classic watch from the house of Titan is way more valuable than giving a bunch of flowers with a calendar.

Gift something cherishable:

Giving gifts that leave a long-lasting impact on the receiver will not only make your relationship stronger with the respective person but he or she will always have great respect for you or your organisation. Giving sweets or a box of chocolates may look sweet at first but will not be cherished. Instead, try giving something like office utilities or eyewear that the receiver can use and cherish. With revolutionized corporate giftings, Business Gift Cards are also coming in the gift-giving picture.

Give personalized corporate gifts:

Giving away gifts with the company’s name or logo engraved on them will have a good impression on the receiver. Also, the name of the giver will be in the good books. Nowadays, companies often give personalised gifts on retirement, so that the person can always cherish the company where he has given his valuable time and earnest efforts.

Gift cards are happiness cards: Gift cards and vouchers work quite well as the receiver can redeem them according to his or her individual choice. The best part about these cards are, they can be encashed in any part of the country. For example, Titan gift cards and vouchers can be redeemed PAN India. However, every brand has different term conditions for redeeming their gift cards and vouchers.

We hope you find this blog interesting and informative.

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