The Major Drawbacks of Captcha That We Should Talk About

Captcha as we are all familiar with is quite a common part of the internet because we are all have been through it. Those square boxes with the twisted latter and images that you have to find out are either can be quite simple or maybe quite difficult depending on the captcha types. You can also use a captcha solving service like anti captcha API to solve the captcha but things can be quite difficult when someone doesn’t have access to the anti captcha key and this is also a fact that not all of us have access to the captcha solving service. But being hard isn’t the only problem with the captcha implementation there are several problems related to the captcha as well.

Take too much time

This is something that we all know who have completed captcha. they can consume too much time especially when the task is ridiculous here can be questioned in a captcha that you may not know or there can be characters that aren’t easy to understand or due to technical issues, it can be too difficult to consume time making it nothing but just waste of time. Though the use of an anti captcha can make it convenient overall it can take a lot of time.

Not So Effective

Even though captcha is still being used to secure the web pages but the spam bot technology has been improved over the year greatly making it difficult for the captcha to keep up with. Though captcha technology behind is also evolving it is making things hard for human users especially when they don’t have access to the anticaptcha

Difficult In Nature

Captcha at first was a test where users have to decipher the twisted letter and characters but now there are several types of Captcha and there are several of them that can be too difficult for users and especially those with visual impairment. They cannot see clearly that what is in the Captcha and it can be more painful when they have to perform the task at a fast pace. If there is a user with a hearing disability then audio Captcha is a waste of time for him or her unless they use anti captcha API to complete the Captcha.

Free Labor for Google

Yes, this may be something that you may not have heard before but this is true. Nothing in this world comes free so why would Google give billions of Captcha for free? This is because the solution that involves human intelligence is used in developing and improving the accuracy of Captcha. Though this is something that may not sound too bad the fact your effort is used by a corporation that you don’t even want to look at can be disturbing in many ways.

Should You Be Using It?

Captcha eliminates spambots and users and, it is still effective at basic to even some intermediate level of bots makes it a good choice for website owners to use it. However, just make sure it shouldn’t e too hard that the users have to resort to the Captcha solving options like anti captcha key.

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