Sales Push: A New POS System Launched with Latest Features

When you think about point-of-sale systems, what comes to your mind? Probably LightSpeed, SquareUp, Vend, etc. However, we are here to tell you about the new kid on the POS block – Sales Push and its chock full of the most advanced and convenient features. People are usually hesitant to try something new, but we can assure you that you will want to try it once you’ve read this article. And did we tell you they’re offering a no-questions-asked free 15-day trial? That’s a half month you get to check out one of the most state-of-the-art point-of-sale systems to hit the market. Now without further delay, here are some noteworthy features and offerings by SalesPush.

Customer and Tech Support for the Sales Push POS User

As a user of particular software that you have invested time and money on, you expect to get all the support that you need. That’s the Sales Push POS system’s strong point; the team behind this excellent software offers total customer and tech support to its users. It doesn’t matter with what aspect of the software you need help with; you will get it through the medium of your choice, whether email, chat, or a call – get the assistance you need with ease.

Standard Features of the Sale Push Software Include Itemized Billing and Inventory Management

We can’t really describe a POS without mentioning the basics; like all point-of-sale systems, Sales Push software also provides comprehensive sale management options such as creating itemized bills and invoices, calculating totals and taxes, and storing them for later retrieval. It also has an advanced inventory management system that manages the stock count of the items and automatically updates them when a purchase is made, refunded, or exchanged. With the location feature, you can physically organize your inventory and know where a particular thing is by searching the item in the system. You can quickly hook it up to a scanner, electronic cash register, printer, and other peripherals that are in use to increase its functionality.

Ease of Access is a Major Feature of Sales Push Point-of-Sale Software

The cloud-based nature of Sale Push point-of-sale software allows for ease of access. Since it is opened directly from the Internet, any device with a browser and can get online can be used to run it. So no more costly and specialized hardware is required or extensive installations for that matter. If you have this gem in use for your business, you could be on vacation in Las Vegas and check the stats of your business between breaks during your Blackjack game.

Get True Cross Channel Support with Sale Push POS

If you run a business, you probably have an online presence on websites and social media pages. Most companies tend to have separate staff managing the orders and bookings received through the site and social pages, which incurs a cost. With the Sales Push POS system, you can manage your website orders from the same interface you handle your walk-in customers. That means that provided there isn’t a queue at the checkout counter; the same staff can multitask and handle both sales channels. You save on money that you would need to spend hiring a dedicated person to manage online operations. You can also use the same system across multiple outlets if you have a chain of franchises or shops.

Loyalty Program and MailChimp Integration One of the Many Sales Push POS Features

When you need to gain new customers and retain old ones, nothing helps with that more than having a loyalty initiative implemented. Let’s face it nobody likes to give up the chance to get recognition and free stuff. A well-devised point-based loyalty program requires a system to keep track of points earned and redeemed, one of the Sales Push POS features. A loyalty initiative is only as good as long as it’s advertised; if nobody knows about the point-system you have, it really isn’t going to help you boost sales; this brings us to the MailChimp integration functionality of this unique POS system. You can sync your customers’ details, such as their name and email address, to lists that you have created on your MailChimp account. From there, you can carry out email marketing in bulk, letting people know about your beneficial loyalty program as well as other promotions.

Employee Management Made Easy and Affordable

The employees that run your business are easily the most significant assets as well. Realizing this fact, many companies have specialized HR departments and personnel to help their staff and manage them. Some invest in dedicated costly HRM systems to take care of attendance, leave management, and payroll calculations. However, with the modern-day Sales Push POS system, you can get an HRM add-on and do all the previously mentioned aspects of employee management but at a fraction of the cost.

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