Principal Network Engineer: Job Description for Freelance Projects

We are searching for a Principal Network Engineer who might be working on an hourly basis, however, who is available to work remotely/telecommute.

Job Outline:

Lead the team of network engineers liable for network plan and programmability at one of the biggest online managed network service providers on the planet. Further spotlight on modern engineering performance, real-time assessment, and optimization of a service industry environment.

As a principal network engineer, you will be liable for leading the team in network planning, and building central operations to help network products like tools and applications. While working in a web server environment you need to handle network configuration and planning tasks regularly.

What is the Principal Network Engineer role?

The principal network engineer is the most elevated level in the series of engineers and can be delegated to work as a supervisor, SME, or project leader.

  • When allotted as a Supervisor, Developer, Coordinator and Executor of policies, techniques, and methods, and Supervisor of Personnel;
  • When appointed as an expert, performs a job that requires extremely high technical knowledge on a particular field or the capacity to consolidate the high level of knowledge in several fields (this isn’t viewed as a part of the normal career path of employees this series, yet is held for those employees with control of explicit technologies or expertise);
  • When relegated as project leaders, managers – provide technical authority of projects that incorporate huge scope, complex, and highly analytical errands. Mentalities at this level are separated from senior IS engineers in that the latter performs more explicit and little, though complex, analytical undertakings.

The work is completed within an expansive framework of general policy and requires creativity and cleverness to accomplish objectives and goals, and in the implementation of ideas, plans, and techniques that may differ from traditional strategies and practices.


  • Design, build, and install IT systems with an emphasis on networking, virtualization, VPN, and monitoring and inspecting systems.
  • Develop and execute test plans to exhibit system adherence to functional and cybersecurity needs.
  • Troubleshoot and fix equipment and network connectivity issues.
  • Site reviews to decide suitability for system and network needs.
  • Provide client training on deployed systems.
  • Generate post-deployment verifications to approve legitimate system functionality.
  • Ensure the logical and efficient conversion of project requirements into complete system solutions that perceive methods, timetables, and cost limitations.
  • Research, assess, and explore different avenues regarding arising technologies related to Multilevel Security (MLS) and Zero Trust (ZT).
  • Provides guidance and support for installing, and testing business solutions for classified infrastructure gadgets (routers, domain controllers, declaration servers, Virtual Private Network (VPN) gadgets, and so on)
  • Provide composed and oral reports on a case by case basis


  • Bachelor with nine (9) years or more experience; Master with seven (7) years or more experience; Ph.D. or 4 years or more relevant experience.
  • Active Secret Clearance
  • 5-10 years of experience combined with systems engineering and fielding experience
  • Experience with Cisco routers, Nexus switches, Firepower Firewall/IPS, DMVPN
  • Strong understanding of network infrastructure and network infrastructure protocols
  • Experience managing the integration of Splunk and SolarWinds.


Target salary range: $ 155,001 – $ 165,000. The estimate addresses the typical compensation range for this position dependent on experience and other variables.

Compensation will be less important than work-life balance in 2022

While Chicago-based startups are disrupting access to financial expertise at the request of companies, both full-time and self-employed knowledge workers say that work balance in 2022 is more important than losses. Work-life balance was cited by 39 percent of knowledgeable workers as the most important element of their job in 2022, while compensation was cited by 28 percent. The most important element of professional development was only cited by 13% of knowledgeable workers.

Workers demand less pressure when they resign in large numbers

Researchers found that knowledge workers in the new year will prioritize tasks that offer flexibility and autonomy, and many will explore free living. The majority (17%) of skilled workers who are not currently free plan to join the free economy by 2022. This group of respondents is largely self-employed (79%), have a flexible schedule (76%), and can work remotely. By focusing on their top three drivers, you can build your business (60%) around them.

The biggest annoyance knowledge workers report about their current jobs (35%) is a feeling of non-acceptance (28%), followed by excessive bureaucracy (22%). According to the survey, 26% of people aged 18-34 say they feel tired doing the same thing every day at work.

“With resignations showing no signs of stopping, it is more important than ever for employers to listen to their people and act accordingly,” said Anita Smojidink, Paro’s chief executive. Researchers have found that large salaries are no longer sufficient incentive to deal with flexible schedules. Welcome professionals and assist them in reaching new heights in their careers.

While retaining independence and flexibility, freelancers face a variety of challenges.

Nearly a third (31%) of the study’s respondents are freelancers. In response to the question of what the most challenging part of their jobs is, these workers say managing their finances or adapting to changes beyond their control (35% each), final decision maker (30%), and time management (23%). The most challenging part of freelancing, however, is customer attraction (22%). In addition, while free student workers always have several hats on, the epidemic has caused them to think more about the lack of traditional corporate benefits than ever before (64%).

The key to helping our business professionals grow as successful entrepreneurs is understanding their motivations and challenges. By enabling professionals to gain quality customers, match work-oriented projects to competitive goals, and better price their work, the Paro AI-based platform and infrastructure eliminate the workload. “It provides an easier way for people to live, and it increases the talent of companies seeking to achieve growth goals through thematic expertise.”

How to Get the Principal Network Engineer Freelance Projects?

At Field Engineer Platform, we understand the significance of having the opportunity to create a work process that will suit your life. We integrate highly qualified IT experts, for example, principal network engineers, with customers (businesses). To discover more, visit our Field Engineer Website and take a look at our real-time network engineering projects and service information.

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