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How to Check the Quality and Originality of Gemstone Beads?

Gemstones are no doubt a very valuable investment. People usually spend a lot of money buying gemstones in general and gemstone jewelry, which is also very precious and expensive. Even in India, most people have started trusting online sites to buy precious gemstone jewelry.

This new age of online shopping has made lives smoother, but on the other hand, it is not that easy to buy such expensive articles without even seeing them in real life. When it comes to stones, no matter you buy wholesale gemstone beads online or from a jeweler, you must know how to judge if it is original or not for your security, as you might be spending a huge part of your savings on them. Let’s check out how a layman can check the originality and quality.

The 4 C’s of Gemstone Grading

To know whether the rough diamond beads are original and of good quality or not, you have to focus on 4 Cs and nothing else. The 4 C’s stands for:

  1. Color
  2. Clarity
  3. Cut 
  4. Carat or weight

Even the experts analyze a gemstone on these 4 parameters. So here, you will know how to know the grade of a particular gemstone just by looking at it.

Analyzing Colour

Any natural gemstone beads can be judged based on color, and there are three properties to them that one needs to refer to hue, saturation, and tone.


Specifically talking about the colored gemstones, they are described based on red, blue, yellow, etc. However, the colors like black or white always refer to the tones and the saturation.

The more pure the stone’s color will be, the stone will be of better quality. For example, A pure red ruby is always better in quality and expensive than an orangish ruby.

Moreover, it is always said that colorless diamonds are more expensive and of the highest quality. When a customer buys a gemstone with a purpose to match with a dress or to wear it, colored ones always come first, but when it comes to investment, the best option is colorless diamonds.’

Clarity of the stone

When it becomes difficult to judge a stone on a color basis, check the stone’s clarity. Most of the stones have a lot of inclusions inside them, which means they are not clear enough. These inclusions can be mineral particles, fractures, and some hollow areas. Though no such stones do not have these inclusions, the quality depends on whether those inclusions are visible with naked eyes or with a magnifier or what. 


Some stones are eye-clean, some have rare inclusions, and some are always included, and among all eye-clean, one is of the best quality.

Only the exceptions like emerald, which is a precious stone but has a lot of inclusions and hence, judged by the color as property only.

Cut of the Stone

Analyzing the stone based on its cut is not that easy for a layman for sure, but on the other hand, one can at least give it a try. Quality checks based on cut aim to make sure that the work done on cutting and polishing the stone is worth it or not.


One must check whether all the corners are symmetrically cut. Also, the facets need to shine like mirrors and be very smooth even if you observe with a magnifier. A stone with a good and precise cut is really valuable.

Carat/Weight of the Stone

Carat or weight

That is a basic parameter to judge and make decisions when buy beads online. Once you are sure about the quality, you need to decide how much your budget allows you to spend because the heavier the stone will be, the more expensive it is. It has been observed that people do not buy larger stones as they are not that affordable. With every carat, the price increases.

To Conclude

If you are curious to check the quality and originality of the semi precious gemstone beads, you should reach a trusted gemstone supplier only. At Unique Jewellers, you can buy gemstone beads of the finest quality with the certificate of originality at the best prices. Moreover, you can consider all the points mentioned above, and you will find Unique Jewellers’ gemstone beads original. 

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