Everything You Need to Know About Soft Seated Valves

It is quite common for one to get confused while choosing an industrial seating valve, especially if one is unaware of their nuances and the best application of different industrial seated valves. An industrial valve can be easily explained as a device that controls substance flow, liquid, gas or even air. And they have tremendous usage in the industrial field. But while they are extremely important, one needs to order the right seated valve from a valve distributor in Jaipur, fit their requirement.

Seated valves are easily distinguished into soft seated valves and Metal Seated valves. And understanding the difference between them is the whole ballgame to help one find the right seated valve for their needs.

What exactly are soft seated valves?

As it is evident in the name, soft seated valves are those seated valves that have sealing surfaces made with non-metallic thermoplastic materials. Some of the common examples are Delrin, Nylon, PEEK and PTFE. Soft seated valves are used in low-pressure environments and temperatures below 250 degrees Celsius. Hence, soft seated valves offer a higher level of sealing throughout their lifetime, considerably better than a conventional metal seated valve, but only if used in the right conditions and environment. And while soft seated valves from soft seated valve supplier in Jaipur are some of the most sought after products, they would not perform well in a high temperature, high-pressure environment.

It is recommended that one does not use soft seated valves in the presence of corrosive media, fluids, and abrasives, as they can easily result in the breakdown of the soft seated valves and could result in leaks. But one advantage of soft seated valves have over traditional metal seated valves is they are cheaper, especially if purchased from the soft seated valve wholesaler in Rajasthan.

When might traditional metal seated valves be a better option?

While wholesale soft seated ball valves are an excellent option that one could go for, there are several circumstances where one might be better off with traditional metal seated valves. If you are looking for a valve to control the movement of oil, then you cannot use a soft seated valve for this purpose. Similarly, in the case of corrosive media, there is a high likelihood that the soft seated valve would break down immediately. According to your requirement, there are several different types of metal coats that you can choose from. In high-pressure conditions or at high temperatures, one must choose traditional metal seated valves over soft seated valves.

But it does not necessarily mean that traditional metal seated valves are a better option than soft seated valves and have no drawbacks. Traditional metal seated valves are a more expensive option than soft seated valves, and their sealing capability is not as good as shown by soft seated valves.

So, naturally, the only recourse left to you is to choose the right seated valve – either soft seated valve or traditional metal seated valve, according to your current requirement. And for that, you could not find a better companion than the premier traditional metal seated and soft seated valve supplier. 

Whatever your requirement is, we are in a position to provide you with 100 per cent satisfactory solutions for your needs and deliver them to you promptly. Our seated valves are customized for high performance, excellent sealing, and a guaranteed long life cycle. So, if you are looking for a soft seated valve, you could find a better place to shop for them than the premier valve distributor in Jaipur. With the best soft seated wholesaler in Rajasthan, you can easily get soft seated valves wholesale prices.

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